How Bartercard Works

A Bartercard transaction works in a similar way to a debit or credit card transaction except it uses ‘trade pounds’, an alternative currency. 

For accounting and tax purposes, one trade pound (T£1) is the equivalent of one Great British Pound (GBP£1) as recognised by HMRC.

When a Bartercard member ‘sells’ goods or services, they are credited with trade pounds to their Bartercard member account.


Why bartercard in business?

Are you searching for How Bartercard Works and why you have to use barter in business? So you can get all the answers of your questions there. Business owners love bartering because it saves them cash; moves excess stock or idle inventory and fills up their downtime or spare capacity. Chances are you have conducted a one-to-one barter deal in the past and the outcome was win-win.

However, while these traditional barter deals can be effective, they lack flexibility, which limits how often they may occur. The challenge with a direct one-on-one barter is you might want something that one business has but they may not want what you have. By creating a currency of trade pounds you can trade conveniently with tens of thousands of members worldwide.

How does it work?

Many people searching for How Bartercard Works?Bartercard has created a flexible, secure and fully accountable way for businesses to trade their goods and services with businesses all around the country and the world. Bartercard is one of the largest B2B networks with 55,000 cardholders who are now effectively using the trade exchange to…

  • gain new customers, who generate increased sales income
  • move excess stock or utilise downtime
  • free up cash to pay existing expenses
  • increase profits from introduction of new business.

Using Bartercard

By using Bartercard you earn trade pounds for the goods and services you sell and this value is recorded electronically in your member account (similar to a bank account).

You then spend your credit balance (or draw on your interest-free line of credit) on goods or services from any other Bartercard member. It offers you completely flexible trading because…

  • you don’t have to purchase from the same business that purchases from you
  • you can spend with anyone locally, nationally and internationally
  • you can sell now and buy later, or buy now and sell later
  • you can use the interest-free line of credit as working capital, even before making a sale.

Want to know how to use Bartercard in your business?

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