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Through New Customers
and Improved Cash-flow

Bartercard provides you with a vast marketplace of thousands of businesses to trade with. Sell and purchase your goods or services securely over the world’s largest cashless business networking platform

Bartercard suits almost all industries, we have more than 55,000 business partners ready to trade with each other. Advertising companies and dry cleaning companies. First aid equipment with coffee shops Restaurant & Bar with Plumbing Equipment Suppliers

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How Bartercard provides growth opportunities for over 55,000 global cardholders

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We provide high-quality, reliable and efficient offerings that provide great value. Our services also vary widely depending on your industry & business.

Guaranteed New Customers

Bartercard promotes your company to thousands of local, national and international businesses who are all potential customers. Every new customer brought to you by Bartercard brings new income on top of what you’re already receiving, which will help increase your profit margins.

Free Up Cash Flow

Bartercard gives you the freedom to accept trade pounds to attract new customers and increase your sales. Use this additional income to pay for what you need, saving you valuable cash for other business or personal expenses and investments.

Interest-Free Line of Credit

Bartercard provides you with an interest fee line of credit creating an additional source of funding for you to invest in the growth of your business and allowing you to do things that may not have been possible because of cash flow pressures.

Interest-Free Line of Credit

Give your feedback about the services we provide. don’t worry, you can consult for free or ask for any service from us.

How can Bartercard

Help your business?

Need new customers?

Reduce your excess stock?

Increase your contacts

Marketing & advertising

Need new customers?

By accepting an alternative method of payment i.e. Bartercard, you open up your business to a whole new market of customers and in turn gain a competitive advantage.

Increase your contacts

Bartercard is a membership-based community and there are many local and national networking events that are designed to provide introductions.

Reduce your excess stock?

Business owners are able to sell excess inventory on Bartercard at the normal selling price negating the need to reduce precious profit margins. No discounting is required.

Marketing & advertising

By being a member of Bartercard, you’ll gain free local, national and international exposure through our online directory, eCommerce platform, and newsletters.

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What is Bartercard?

Bartercard is a trading platform where businesses can buy and sell their goods or services as part of a global network of likeminded businesses.Gain access to a huge potential customer base (55,000 cardholders globally) that is not accessible to your competitors.Bartercard works for you, guaranteeing to bring you new customers allowing you to grow or to use spare or underutilised capacity.We provide you with one of the world’s most innovative business tools and by using 21st-century technology, make the whole process simple to manage.

See What Our Customer's Says

4.9 Rated
“Bartercard came on board for the 2018 season and have been our headline sponsor since then. They have helped us in many ways, and we have made many new contacts thanks to them.”

Neil Reynolds

London Broncos

5.0 Rated

Bartercard is a great tool for me where I am able to offset some of my cash business/personal expenses. I have been a member for over 16 years now where I have managed to sell £91,000 worth services and managed to spend over £75,000.


La Gaffe

5.0 Rated

Mchale Sports Limited is a sports management and promotions company.
We have been members of Bartercard now for over 2 years. We would like to thank Bartercard and especially our account manager for his help throughout this period

We have exchanged sponsorship opportunities for advertising. memorabilia, holidays, staff perks and more. We have saved huge amounts in cash by using trade pounds.

Adam Horner

Mchale Sports

4.8 Rated
They complete projects on time and on budget, and their attention to detail is outstanding. I appreciate their open lines of communication.

Aubrey Steele

A1 Road Craft

5.0 Rated

We’ve been with Bartercard for approx. 16 years. During that time, Bartercard has helped us to increase cash flow, attract cash business, and create customer loyalty. Just one phone call and Bartercard make it happen.

Michael Grey

Buzz Cafe

4.9 Rated

Our company, R J Eager (1989) Ltd, has been Trading with Bartercard for over 14 years. Bartercard trading has increased our business both locally and out of Taranaki Clients. We have been able to purchase many services for our Business with Bartercard, therefore not having to use up valuable Cash Flow. 

Michael Eager

RJ Eagar



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Frequently Asked Question

Bartercard operates as a ‘trade exchange’ and has transformed traditional bartering into a modern business tool and many people search for bartarcard faqs. Using online technology, Bartercard has created a flexible, secure and fully accountable way for businesses to trade their goods and services with businesses world-wide.

Bartercard facilitates and monitors the purchases (debits) and sales (credits) undertaken by members. These transactions are recorded electronically and its members receive a monthly statement that summarises their transactions. Members can transact using the following: phone application with transactional capabilities and online transactional options. In addition, Bartercard promotes member businesses and maintains and updates a member business directory.

The vision of Bartercard is to be the leading global marketplace where businesses connect and trade their goods and services.

Bartercard currently operates in ten countries.

Bartercard can work for any company that has the capacity to take on additional business. There are many case studies and trading tips available for members to study to see how Bartercard can work for them.

Bartercard has approximately 55,000 cardholders who are trading over T£425 million a year.
There are over 650 categories of business, everything from Accommodation to Zoos.
Bartercard welcomes many industries and businesses.

You can sell almost anything through Bartercard. Besides your own products and services there is nothing stopping you from selling something from home or even buying from a manufacturer or wholesaler at cost and then on-sell through Bartercard. Your trading is only limited to the efforts you are willing to put in to be successful

There are many different ways to use Bartercard to build your business and improve your lifestyle. Upon joining you will have access to many video tutorials and case studies on unique and creative ways to solve common business challenges. A dedicated Account Specialist will also be available for you to discuss the many options that best suit your business and lifestyle needs. You can get a sense of how some of members use Bartercard by clicking on ‘Testimonials’.

A Bartercard transaction is similar to a credit/debit card transaction.

Members earn trade pounds for goods and services they sell and this value is recorded electronically in the member’s account. Members use their Bartercard transactional card to spend their credit balance (or draw on their interest-free line of credit) on goods and/or services from any other Bartercard member. The flexibility of the Bartercard system is you don’t have to purchase from the same business that purchases from you; you can spend locally, nationally and internationally; you can sell now and buy later; you can use the interest free trade pound credit lines provided and buy first before even making a sale.

Yes, your business pays for your personal expenses so if you can save cash on expenses then it just makes sense to use Bartercard.

You can pay trade pounds as a director’s dividends, drawings or loan. As a tip there is no Benefit Tax applicable if you deposit cash into your business and draw out the equivalent amount of trade pounds in exchange. There is further explanation of this on how to incorporate trade pounds into your payroll system in our creative business tips available for members. However, we always suggest members speak to their accountant regarding how best to implement these strategies into their business.

Yes, you can limit the amount of trading you do. We suggest Bartercard members trade up to 10% to 15% of their total business turnover. We understand there are times when you may be operating at full capacity for a period or seasonally at your peak. Working with your Account Specialist you’ll work out a plan for the amount of trading that best suits you and your business. You can start slowly and as you work with us to bring on more suppliers of your choice you can increase the amount of trade you do.

When you join, a comprehensive business analysis is conducted with the view to identify potential suppliers already available in our network. If there are insufficient suppliers available to suit your business requirements then Bartercard will work with you to bring on additional new suppliers to satisfy your needs. Many of Bartercard’s top trading members have successfully improved their business profitability by being proactive in their recommendation and referral of new suppliers to provide them with the products and services they need to run a successful business.

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