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How are our members benefiting from being a part of the Bartercard community?

Since 1992 we have been in the industry of B2B networking and in that time we have accumulated over 55,000 cardholders from industries and businesses all around. Our extensive network of buyers trade over £425m every year and that number continues to grow as word of mouth referrals and positive experiences help our market to flourish. Read through our Bartercard reviews and see for yourself how our unique marketplace has opened up doorways for many organisations and allowed them to expand their client base whilst maximising their productivity.

Sports & Community

Health & Beauty

Hospitality & Tourism

A Bartercard forum for every industry

Our aim is to bridge the gap between industries with business networking UK wide. We connect businesses who have the potential to establish mutually beneficial relationships that benefit the economy as a whole by encouraging trades and exchanges. We have a diverse mixture of suppliers and have helped brands from all walks of life. Our list of industries include:

  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Manufacturing and printing
  • Associates clubs and charities
  • Media
  • Building and construction
  • Professional services
  • Distribution
  • Property development
  • Education and training
  • Retail
  • Health and beauty
  • Home services

As unique as each of these industries are, many companies require the services of another for one purpose or another. In this respect they can profit greatly by bartering with their services instead of finding additional finances, improving cash flow and generating customer leads. Our Bartercard reviews in the UK reflect the success of their methods and highlight how each individual business has made our service work in their favour, whether within the UK or internationally.

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