Work at it and it works with you!

Work at it and it works with You

Two Members joined Bartercard at the same time. Both experienced business professionals in a similar field. Both met in a virtual trade event hosted by Bartercard a year after they joined. They compared their feelings and notes on Bartercard. The first said, “It been an amazing journey in discovering how not only could I expand sales in my business but as they said when I joined I have saved some good cash sums by using my Trade Pounds, in fact, I’m in Trade Pound debt right now so that’s why I have taken a stand at this  virtual trade event to drum up some business with my Account Manager who is here as well”. The second said, “hasn’t worked for me, had a few sales, maybe a few purchases”. The first said, ”how often do you talk with your Account Manager?”. The second said, “hardly ever, I don’t have time for calls from Bartercard”.  The first said, “ do you read the promotional emails they send?”, “No he said, I don’t have time for that”.
The first looked a little surprised at his statements and asked, “ do you ever give them referrals to help find what you want?”, he responded with, “why would I do that? Its Bartercard`s job to find me what I want”.
The first looked at the second again with surprise and said, “well I think we both know the issue here and that you have joined Bartercard and it appears you have the same sort of business as me but you don`t seem to want to make it work”. There is a moral in this tale, work at it and it works with you, don`t and nothing will happen.

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